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Losing weight isn’t easy. In this fast-paced world, losing weight implies that people need to tone up, eat healthily, exercise daily, etc. However, in some cases, even after performing all these exercises, it becomes impossible for humans to lose the stubborn amounts of fat, leading to extreme disappointment, loss of self-confidence, and severe depression.

In such cases, liposuction becomes a rewarding means in these cases. By the means of liposuction surgery, the accumulated pockets of fat can be removed by surgical means. Also referred to as fat removal surgery, it can be performed on numerous body parts such as hips, Abdomen, chin, and inner and
outer thighs, as a part of the tummy tuck procedure.


 The Liposuction Procedures

The liposuction is performed by using small skin incisions with tiny cannulas and suction Devices. It can be performed under Local Anesthesia or General Anesthesia.

These are

  1. Suction Assisted Lipoplasty: SAL liposuction surgery is the most common form of liposuction. The procedure involves saline along with Lignocaine and adrenaline infiltration prior to suctioning of excess fat. The infiltration can be by Tumescence or super-wet Technique. The Adrenaline reduces Bleeding.
  2. Power-assisted liposuction (PAL): This type of liposuction uses a cannula that moves in a rapid back-and-forth motion.
  3. Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction: Referred to by the acronym UAL, this procedure uses ultrasonic vibrations to convert fatty cells into a liquid form and suction them out.
  4. Laser-assisted liposuction: Similar to UAL, LAL or laser-assisted liposuction uses laser energy to liquefy fat cells and suction them out.

At Arra Aesthetics we use thinnest liposuction cannulas which require very small incisions sites which heals better and gives very good scar. Every region is treated as an aesthetic unit to give the best liposuction results in a natural and balanced way.
The Liposuction procedure duration varies depending upon the areas treated. Typically it may last from 30 mins to 3 hrs.

        Pre-operative Requirement before Liposuction surgery

  • You will be asked to undergo evaluation by Dietician.
  • You will undergo the Physician & Anesthetist evaluation to ensure if you are fit for surgery.
  • You will also undergo Diagnostic tests including blood tests.
  • You may be asked to start exercise and alteration in diet plans weeks before surgery.
  • Prohibit smoking activities at least two weeks prior to and subsequent to the procedure.

Preparation before Fat Removal Surgery.

It is important for you to optimize your health and fitness by proper Diet plan and exercise. The best Liposuction Results are achieved in patients who have sustainable weight loss and fitness plateau. The efforts from the patient’s side will aesthetics, safety and Longevity of results.

Pre Surgical Care

In order for the Liposuction procedure to be a success, it is important that you should meticulously follow the pre and post-surgical routines.

The pre-surgical care routines are:

  1. Observe a fast for 6 hours before the surgery. Take care to not consume liquids as well. Not even water.
  2. Avoid medication with aspirin, anti-inflammatory, or herbal ingredients for two weeks before the procedure.

Post-Surgical Care

The post-surgical routines to be followed are:

  1. Post-surgery, you will be provided with a compression garment that is to be worn for four to six weeks. The compressive elastic garment provides support and helps contour the skin.
  2. Ambulate frequently to prevent blood clots from forming. This will also allow the movement of fluids within your body and reduce swelling.

Risk & Complications

In expert hands, Liposuction is a relatively safe procedure. The possible risks include Contour irregularities, seroma, numbness, infection, loose skin, skin or nerve damage, irregular skin pigmentation or blood clots. All surgeries carry risks associated with anesthesia.

After effects

You should expect some pain, swelling & Bruising after the procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon will prescribe medications to control pain and antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.
The Bruising may last for three or more weeks and will gradually subside. The swelling will start decreasing after a week or so and it will subside in a few weeks. There may be some numbness in certain treated areas which may take weeks before returning to normal.
As healing is a gradual process, you may have to wait for few months before achieving the final results.


Your results will last as long as you will maintain your ideal weight. If you gain weight after liposuction, your fat distribution may change. The Results may vary from case to case and from person to person. No two people will have the same results despite undergoing the same procedures. You should have realistic expectations about results.

The Costs Involved

Quality care does not equate to being expensive!
We, at our Arra aesthetics, do not believe that high-quality treatment has to, necessarily, be expensive in nature. It has been one of our high-points to provide you with a mode of treatment that highly effective, superior as well as cost-effective in nature. Our systems provide care to all forms of patients. Be it patients who wish to pay for their own care.
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Realistic Expectations

Liposuction is not the procedure for weight loss or obesity. It is a contouring procedure designed to help you achieve a balanced perfect shape.

Why Arra Aesthetics

Arra Aesthetics is an internationally renowned team of veteran doctors and expert consultants in the Cosmetology and cosmetic surgery.
Cosmetology and cosmetic surgery is a subject which is often associated with a number of misconceptions and confusions. At Arra Aesthetics, we ensure that the queries and questions of our clients will be dealt with the utmost attention and priority.

Advancements in technology have certainly transmuted liposuction surgery into an easy surgery. In spite of this, you need the best cosmetic surgeons to flawlessly perform the required procedures. To ensure this, we at Arra Aesthetics hire only the experts in the field. Our experts are equipped with a voracious body of knowledge with multiple years of experience. This is the panel of doctors who materialize the vision of the best panel of doctors.