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Love of Beauty is Taste and Creation of Beauty is Art.

At Arra Aesthetics, we take pride in our team of experts who come with profound experience over the years. These experts persistently strive to serve the patient as they understand the psyche of every coming patient, which makes them well versed with the dilemmas patients face before undergoing any treatment.

At Arra Aesthetics the patient is the first priority. Here the team of specialists understands each patient’s problems and treats them empathetically. They make sure each patient is treated with utmost care and guided through the process of treatment with minute detail involved to achieve the maximum satisfaction of the patient with the best professional results. 

Last but not least, we strongly believe that beauty is being comfortable in your own skin and body, hence we make sure to deliver the best of the results that make you feel comfortable and satisfied. So we welcome you to Arra Aesthetics where we value you being “Your Kind Of Beautiful.”

meet our doctors

Dr.Vasant Gholave

Dr. Vasant Gholave
(MBBS, MS, M Ch)

Aesthetic Plastic, Laser & hair transplant surgeon
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Dr. Ashish Sangvikar
(MBBS, MS, M Ch)

Cosmetic & Hair Transplant
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Dr. Laxman

Dr. Laxman Salwe

Senior Consultant
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Surgical & Non-Surgical Treatments Under One Roof

Founder of Arra Aesthetics Dr. Vasant Gholave believes that to get the best results, surgical and non-surgical treatments need to be combined. Arra Aesthetics was created on the basis of this philosophy, and so Arra Aesthetics offers a diverse range of surgical and non-surgical procedures to all patients. 

Patients will be guided carefully and meticulously through all possible options for their treatment before they select the best option to achieve their goals and desires. The team at Arra Aesthetics dutifully explains all available treatment options, including their benefits and risks, and helps the patient select the best treatment plan for them.  

We offer many cosmetic surgical procedures including lifts, liposuction, gynecomastia, hair transplant, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty. We also offer plastic surgical procedures like carpal tunnel surgery, post-cancer surgery reconstruction, post-burn reconstruction, and diabetic foot surgery. 

Arra Aesthetics also has a variety of non-surgical treatment options like acne treatment, acne scar removal, laser hair removal, botox, fillers, and stretch mark reduction.

State Of The Art Technology

Arra Aesthetics uses exclusive technology from LINLINE Medical Systems to enhance the patient experience. Here are a few services where we use innovative technology to deliver the best results to patients:

  • Laser Hair Removal: Hair removal-QOOL is a laser that has been specially designed for the most sensitive areas of the face and body: neck, jersey, underarms, etc.

  • Skin Rejuvenation: RecoSMA Laser is an effective and safe rejuvenation method, which helps to remodel the skin and to fight against wrinkles and imperfections.

  • Scars and Stretch Marks: Thanks to laser therapy and radiofrequency therapy reduction of scars has become simple, and it is now possible to replace them with intact skin.

  • Cryolipolyse: This is a technology that allows the reduction of the localized fatty masses, without surgery, thanks to the action of the cold on the adipocytes. Cryolipolyse is a quick and non-invasive alternative to Liposuction surgery.

  • Treatment of Blood Vessels: This is laser removal of stellar varicosities and hemangiomas, often located on the face and legs.

  • Tattoo Removal: With the latest laser technology, the elimination of tattoos and permanent make-up has become incredibly safe and easy.

Open & Transparent Communication Between Patient & Doctors

Here at Arra Aesthetics, we understand the need of every individual to share their problems regarding beauty, hair, or skin and we make sure they are heard patiently and guided dedicatedly by the proficient team. 

We believe that every patient is unique and their problems have solutions unique to them. The team of Arra Aesthetics carefully listens to the patients, understands their desires and needs, and after careful consideration and examination, they suggest the treatment plan that is most suited to the individual patient. Their expert guidance helps the patient make a well-informed decision.

At Arra Aesthetics, the patient’s comfort and satisfaction is the first priority and so the experienced team does their best to ensure that the patient will be comfortable. The specialists of Arra Aesthetics discuss all the minute details of the treatment plan with the patient. They answer any and all questions or doubts the patient may have so that the patient can undergo the treatment without any worries. Patients are given ample time to understand the pre and post precautions taken for the treatments. The team also connects with the patient after the treatment or surgery is completed, as guiding them in the post-treatment care is equally important for the best treatment results.

Convenient Locations

Choosing a plastic surgery clinic is a big decision. Many factors need to be considered while making such a major decision like distance, travel time, and comfort level. Arra Aesthetics has two centers in central locations in Pune: one at Jungli Maharaj Road, Shivaji Nagar, and one at Pimple Saudagar, Pimpri-Chinchwad. Both these locations can be easily reached. You may select any one of these centers for your treatment based on what will be most convenient for you.

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