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What is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure designed to address hair loss by redistributing hair follicles from a donor area (typically the back or sides of the scalp) to areas experiencing hair thinning or baldness. This meticulous process aims to achieve natural-looking results, restoring hair density and confidence.

Hair Transplant Methods:

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT):
This involves removing a strip of scalp from the donor area and dissecting it into individual follicular units for transplantation.


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):
Involves harvesting individual follicular units directly from the donor area, resulting in minimal scarring and a quicker recovery.


These methods cater to varying patient needs, providing effective and natural-looking hair restoration. In both cases, the patient is administered general anaesthesia to avoid discomfort.

When Should You Opt for Hair Transplants?

Consider hair transplants when:

Persistent Hair Loss:

Despite trying non-surgical treatments, if hair loss persists, a transplant may be a more lasting solution.

Advanced Balding:

For individuals with advanced stages of balding, especially when traditional treatments show limited effectiveness.

Desire for Permanent Results:

If seeking a permanent solution to hair loss, transplanted hair is resistant to further loss.

Explore other treatments for hair loss:

For milder cases or complementary solutions, consider non-surgical options for hair loss, like laser therapy, mesotherapy, and stem cell therapy.

Hair Transplant: A Permanent Solution To The Problem Of Hair Loss

Is Hair Transplant A Permanent Solution To The Problem of Hair Loss?

According to Dr. Vasant Gholave, a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, the results of a hair transplant are permanent.

Hair Transplant Surgery Before-after results

Case 1:

When the patient came to Arra Aesthetics, Pune, he had severe baldness and hair thinning all over the head. The patient had a full head of healthy, natural-looking hair after the hair transplant procedure. There is no sign of baldness or hair thinning.


Case 1 Before & After: The patient had lost almost all hair at the top of his head. A few months after the hair transplant surgery, his scalp is filled with healthy, natural-looking hair.


Case 1 Before & After: The patient had thinning hair at the sides of his head. After hair transplant surgery, the patient was able to achieve full, thick hair with no signs of balding or thinning.

Case 2:

The patient had a receding hairline and bald spots at the top of the head when he came to Arra Aesthetics, Pune. After hair transplant surgery, the patient had thick, full hair restored to a natural-looking hairline as well as coverage of all bald spots. 


Case 2 Before & After: The patient's hairline had receded heavily. After the hair transplant surgery,  the patient had a natural-looking hairline.


Case 2 Before & After: The patient had thinning hair on the right side of his head. His hair was restored to full, thick coverage with no signs of balding or thinning after the hair transplant.


Case 2 Before & After: The patient suffered from thinning hair on the left side of his head. After the hair transplant surgery, the patient no longer had any signs of hair thinning.


Case 2 Before & After: The patient had a large bald spot on the top of his head. The bald spot was filled with healthy hair after the hair transplant.

Case 3:

The patient came to Arra Aesthetics, Pune, with a significantly receded hairline. A few months after the hair transplant, the patient had a full, natural-looking hairline with no signs of hair thinning. 


Case 3 Before & After: The patient's hairline had drastically receded. After the hair transplant surgery, the patient's hairline was restored to a natural-looking shape.

Case 4:

When the patient came to Arra Aesthetics, Pune, he had a deeply receding hairline, leading to a bald spot on the top of the head. After the hair transplant surgery, the patient had a full, thick head of hair. The natural-looking hairline was restored and the bald spot was completely covered up. 


Case 4 Before & After: The patient's hairline had receded significantly and there was a large, growing bald spot on the scalp. After the hair transplant surgery, the patient had a full, thick head of hair.

Case 5:

Before: The patient had significant thinning of hair from the hairline to the crown of the head.

After: After a successful hair transplant, the patient had a full head of healthy, natural-looking hair restored to its original volume. There was no sign of thinning or baldness. 


Case 5 Before & After: The patient's hairline had thinned and receded. After the hair transplant surgery, the patient's hairline was restored to its natural shape.


Case 5 Before & After: The patient had a growing bald spot at the top of his head. The bald spot was filled in with healthy, natural-looking hair after the hair transplant surgery.


Case 5 Before & After: The patient's receding hairline on the right side of his head had thinned significantly. The patient no longer had any signs of thinning or balding, post-hair transplant.


Case 5 Before & After: The patient's left temple had experienced a drastic thinning of his hairline, revealing the top of his skull. The patient's hairline was restored to its natural shape with no signs of balding or thinning after the hair transplant.

Case 6:

The patient came to Arra Aesthetics, Pune, with a receding hairline, and thinning hair from the temples to the top of the head. The patient had a full, healthy head of hair with a natural-looking hairline after the hair transplant. There was no sign of thinning or baldness. 


Case 6 Before & After: The patient's hairline had receded significantly. The hair transplant surgery restored the patient's hairline to a natural-looking shape.


Case 6 Before & After: The patient's hairline had receded, leading to thinning of hair from the temples to the top of his head. After the hair transplant surgery, the patient had a full head of healthy, natural-looking hair.


Case 6 Before & After: The right temple of the patient had experienced a significant thinning of the hairline, revealing the top of his scalp. The hair transplant restored the patient's hairline to its natural-looking shape with no signs of balding or thinning.


Case 6 Before & After: The patient had significant receding and thinning hair on the left side of his head, extending to the top of his head. Thanks to the hair transplant procedure, the patient experienced full-growth with no trace of balding or thinning.


Who Is A Good Candidate For Hair Transplant Surgery?

Individuals who make good candidates for hair transplant surgery typically:

  • Have Stable Hair Loss:
    Candidates with stable hair loss patterns are better suited for successful and predictable outcomes.
  • Have Sufficient Donor Hair:
    Adequate donor hair in the back or sides of the scalp ensures there are enough follicles for transplantation.
  • Maintain Good General Health:
    Good overall health contributes to better healing and recovery post-surgery.
  • Understand the Procedure:
    Candidates who have a clear understanding of the procedure, including realistic expectations and potential outcomes.
  • Have Realistic Expectations:
    Individuals with realistic expectations about the results and the time frame of the recovery process.

What To Expect At The Consultation For Hair Transplant Surgery?

During the consultation, Dr. Vasant Gholave, founder of Arra Aesthetics, Pune, will first discuss your medical and surgical history with you. He will then carefully examine your scalp and try and determine the extent of the hair loss.Dr. Vasant Gholave will then discuss your options with you. He will explain both FUE and FUT procedures to you in detail and help you make an informed decision. He will encourage you to ask any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure. Dr. Vasant Gholave will ensure that you have a realistic outlook on the results of hair transplant surgery.

What Is The Cost Of Hair Transplant Surgery In Pune?

At Arra Aesthetics, one of Pune's top plastic surgery and hair transplant clinics,  the cost of a hair transplant surgery ranges from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 + 18% GST on average. EMI facilities are also available at Arra Aesthetics Clinic for those who wish to undergo hair transplant treatment.

Factors that determine the hair transplant cost in Pune are as follows:

Graft Quantity: The number of hair grafts required influences the overall cost.

Donor Hair Quality: The quality of available hair in the donor area contributes to the overall pricing.

Surgical Technique: The chosen surgical technique for the hair transplant treatment impacts the overall cost.

What is the timeline for hair growth after hair transplant?

Hair Growth Timeline After Hair Transplant:

First Month: Initial scabbing and shedding of transplanted hair occur.

Second to Third Month: Most transplanted hair falls out as a natural part of the process.

Third to Fourth Month: Initial signs of new hair growth may become visible.

Fifth to Eighth Month: Substantial growth as transplanted hair continues to develop.

Ninth to Twelfth Month: Continued improvement and thickening of hair texture.

Beyond One Year: Full results are often visible, with the transplanted hair fully matured.

Please note that individual experiences may vary, and full results can take up to a year or more to become apparent.

What Happens After Hair Transplant Surgery?

The patient will be discharged on the same day as the hair transplant procedure. The doctor will prescribe a course of painkillers and antibiotics that should be followed for the prescribed period for the patient's comfort.

The patient may experience some swelling around the forehead and over the eyes. The swelling may sometimes extend even below the eyes too. This will go away within three to five days. The patient may shampoo their hair after five to seven days.

The transplanted hairs usually fall out two to three weeks after the surgery. This is called "shock loss" and is very common after a hair transplant. The transplanted hair will regrow in the next two to three months.

The hair growing after transplanted hair falls off is completely natural and has the same texture and colour as the patient's natural hair. The patient will be able to see the full results of the hair transplant within 6 months.

Are There Any Risks From Hair Transplant Surgery?

Like all surgical procedures, hair transplant surgery carries certain risks like bleeding, inflammation, infection, scarring, and patchy hair growth. However, these risks are minimal and can be minimized by selecting an experienced and accomplished hair transplant surgeon and ensuring you follow the instructions provided to you before, during, and after your surgery.

Dr. Vasant Gholave, Director of Arra Aesthetics, Pune, will make sure you have a safe procedure with minimal risks. However, if you are still unsure about undergoing hair transplant surgery, Arra Aesthetics offers various other hair loss treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplant

How successful is a hair transplant?

Hair transplants have been proven to be highly successful in the vast majority of cases. The success rate depends on various factors such as the skill of the surgeon, the quality of the donor hair folllicles, and how well you care for your grafts post-hair transplant surgery. Generally speaking, a hair transplant will result in a natural-looking and permanent solution to hair loss.

Are there any risks associated with a hair transplant?

While all surgeries carry potential risks, a hair transplant is generally considered to be safe and most patients experience no major complications. Some possible risks include infection, bleeding, and scarring.

How long does a hair transplant last?

Hair transplants are designed to provide permanent solutions to hair loss. The results of your procedure should last a lifetime, provided you take steps to maintain your hair health and minimize further hair loss.

Hair Transplant Surgery Is A Permanent Solution To The Problem Of Hair Loss

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Dr. Gholave

Dr. Vasant Gholave


Dr. Vasant Gholave is an immensely skilled Plastic Surgeon, Hair Transplant Surgeon, and Cosmetic surgeon in Pune. After a strong experience of 21 years, he came up with a cosmetic surgery and cosmetology treatment solution, “Arra Aesthetics”, which not only has the latest technology and treatments but also state-of-the-art infrastructure under one roof.

Dr. Vasant always strives for the best results and has the zeal to continuously improve and innovate in his practice of cosmetic and laser surgery.

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I was suffering from hair my middle of head hair loss was severe.I consulted hair transplant Dr vasant gholave.he explained the causes of hair loss he did blood tests for hair loss.i was started on medications and pro treatment for hair loss.after 3 moths I got decent hair growth.thank you sir for wonderful experience.i recommend Dr vasant gholave and arra aeshetics for best hair loss treatment

Hansraj Jangid
Hansraj Jangid
February 23, 2022

I was having baldness from frontal region and vertex region.I consulted aesthetic plastic surgeon dr vasant gholave at arra aesthetics for my hair loss.He explained the procedure ,answered all my queries regarding fue and fut hair transplant.I had undergone fue hair transplant in month of August 21.After 4 months many of hairs have grown.Doctor explained to wait for 7 months for full hair growth results. I am happy with best hair transplant results. The Operation theatre is is very standard,the whole process was smooth.I recommend dr vasant gholave and arra aesthetics for best hair loss treatment and hair transplant.Thank you very sir and team arra aesthetics

Apurva Shah
Apurva Shah
December 17, 2021

I had undergone hair transplant surgery at Arra Aesthetics. Dr Vasant Gholave sir is very polite,ethical and have a smooth surgical hand.Staff of this centre is also well mannered and they do care of their patients.I am very much satisfied with results.The treatment is also cost savings compare to other centres.I highly recommend Arra Aesthetics for any kind of aesthetic issues.

Adesh Kale
Adesh Kale
October 10, 2021

Hair Transplant - At Arra AestheticsI have recently undergone (3 months back)the hair transplant at this centre. Dr Vasant is the expert Plastic surgeon who did the transplant and the results are excellent.The doctor and entire team is very cooperative and understanding. Dr Vasant explained me all the necessary procedural details and post procedure care in simple and easy language.At the time of procedure also the pleasant ambience and assuring staff made me relax and procedure was really easy going.The follow up care is excellent and my hairs are now in the stage of growth. It is too early to comment on final result as doctor told that it will take 6 to 8 months to see full result.Day by day I am regaining my confidence back and feels good as the hairs are growing. !!!!Thanks to entire team !!!

Niteen Gaikwad
Niteen Gaikwad
August 17, 2021

I came to arra aesthetics in June 2020 for my baldness.Dr vasant gholave took my hair loss history,discussed causes of baldness and explained the need of hair transplant in my case.He explained the non-surgical hairloss treatment like prp therapy.After a month in July 2020 I had undergone FUE Hair transplant.Total 3500 hair follicles were implanted.The surgery went uneventful.It was bit tiring to lie down for 6-7 Hours but the team really cheered me up.They allowed me to take multiple breaks inbetween the hair transplant surgery.As explained I got very good hair transplant results in 6 months.My postoperative course was bit tense as I developed local reaction to minoxidil lotion.Dr vasant gholave stopped the minoxidil and he was very helpful.Today was my routine follow up visit and I am very happy with my best hair transplant results.I recommend Arra Aesthetics and Dr vasant gholave for hair loss treatment and hair transplant results.Thank you very much for wonderful experience at your clinic sir.

Pravin Jadhavar
Pravin Jadhavar
August 10, 2021

I have done my Hair Transplant 1 year back from Dr.Vasant Gholave. It was Great experience since day one starting with enquiry about HT. My friend has referred to Dr.Vasant Gholave because he has done HT from him with good results. Dr. Gholave motivated me to do HT, I was resisting to do since HT was on my last priority list. I decided to make full benefits of lockdown since working from home that decision is Gr8 and thanks to him. Dr.Vasant Gholave is very Humble and Polite/Talented/confident/co-operative person. The Surgery was done very nicely and patiently with no rush. I was scared earlier how my surgery will be done is he experienced enough or not , but he confidently/efficiently/with ease handled the surgery. His staff is also very co-operative and well behaved. After surgery lots of doubts were there, he use to patiently respond to all my queries immediately. Also, during PRP appointment he use to adjust according to my date/time.I could see amazing results very early. My friends complimented me by saying you are looking 10-year younger, big change in my personality. I am thankful to Dr. Gholave for bringing change in my personality which increased my confidence level. I would strongly recommend you do HT from him. All the Best and Blessings to Dr. Gholave and Fabulous Clinic. Overall a Very Fabulous experience. Again Thanks to Arra Aesthetic staff and Dr. Gholave sir for making change in my life & personality.

Maruti Giri
Maruti Giri
August 8, 2021

Excellent experience!!I had hair transplant surgery (FUE) done at the clinic. Its been around 15 days now and the transplanted area looks excellent with good density of hair.Dr. Gholve explained all aspects of the surgery, post treatment care and after treatment medication requirements prior to the surgery.I strongly recommend Arra Asthetic for hair transplant surgery.

Parag Chitalkar
Parag Chitalkar
January 1, 2021

I have been to Arra Aesthetics for hair loss problem. Doctor explained various options available for the hair loss along with the hair transplant procedure.All questions are answered satisfactorily. Hoping positive to undergo hair transplant soon .I recommend the clinic.

vivek chopada
vivek chopada
February 2, 2019
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