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Acne is not just a part of puberty anymore, people of different ages suffer from the same. They affect us in a lot of ways, for instance, they will cause us to lose our confidence or perhaps make us feel quite low and affect your self-esteem. Well, who wouldn’t want an acne-free lifestyle? In this article, you will find some changes that you can make in your lifestyle to help your acne.

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  • Do Not Excessively Rinse Off  Your Face:

Too much washing can irritate your skin and leaves acne marks. It is, therefore, better avoid frequent washing of the face. While some exfoliation can help to improve acne, too much can worsen breakouts. This happens when a person removes too much natural oil from the skin. The skin may compensate by producing more oil, which clogs pores and leads to more pimples.

  • Use of Lukewarm Water:

Use mild water with cleanser or face-wash to wash your face. Very hot or cold water can make acne worse and reverse the effect of a face wash.

  • Don’t Dig Your Acne:

Forcefully squeezing your blackhead or whitehead or the exposure to too much of hot steam will causes irritation to your skin. This can make them worse and cause permanent scars.

  • Exclude the Extra Makeup:

Use of low-quality makeup product or improper cleansing of applied makeup and cosmetics can worsen your acne problem. It is recommended to not use too much make-up and cosmetics.

  • Say NO to Creamy Cosmetics:

Use water-based make-up and toiletries that are described as non-comedogenic. It is important that you remove make-up before going to bed as skincare products containing oil can clog the pores. These products are often intended for use on dry or mature skin that may not have as much natural oil.

  • Pamper with Skin Moisturiser:

Use a fragrance-free, water-based moisturiser even in acne-prone skin as it maintains the skin and prevents the skin irritation.

  • Gentle Cleansing is a Must:

Take shower as soon as possible after exercising or after sweating as sweat can irritate acne. Wash your hair regularly, and try to stop letting your hair fall across your face. Applying a gentle cleanser with clean hands or a soft brush made for its use on the face can help to prevent pimples.

  • Cut off Foods Linked to Acne:

Researchers suggest that a few kinds of foods are responsible to trigger acne in some cases. Food with high glycemic index worsen acne or even increase the risk of developing acne. Carbohydrates and sugary food have the potential risk of acne problem which includes cakes, chocolates, cookies, pies. A dairy product like skimmed milk also increases acne.

  • Moderate Your Stress:

In the modern lifestyle, stress is part of daily life throughout which also worsens the acne making it one of the most common skin problems. Handling stress in the following ways to prevent acne can be helpful:

  1. Do meditation
  2. Spend some time with nature
  3. Regular exercise
  4. Engage your mind to some hobbies
  5. Relaxing before bed by reading or taking a bath
  • Chose Effective Remedies

A dermatologist or esthetician can provide these therapies, which aim to reduce the presence of P. acne bacteria on the skin. RecoSMA ™ is a new revolutionary laser technology was developed and It is the latest laser in rejuvenation methods. Being highly efficient and perfectly safe, it helps to remodel the skin and to fight against wrinkles and imperfections.

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Best options for Treating Acne are :

  1. Chemical peel
  2. Microdermabrasion
  3. Recosma laser therapy

Arra Aesthetics in Pune offers RecoSMA laser treatment to help patients eliminate signs of ageing, acne marks or the damaged skin. the technology far reached and the most effective. RecoSMA laser therapy is what makes Arra Aesthetics one of the best skin-care clinics in Pune.