Achieve younger skin with RecoSMA

Younger skin is what we all want at some point. It makes us feel confident about ourselves and gives us a different perspective as well. Well, the medical procedures to get them can have certain side effects. That makes us question our willingness for younger skin, right? However, it doesn’t have to be like this, not anymore at least. Effective cold laser therapy has recently been developed which has minimal side effects and causes no complications in the long run. Could there be any anxious thoughts to beat that!

RecoSMA Laser Therapy:

Laser therapy for treating skin is quite common. RecoSMA laser therapy is a revolutionary method in laser treatment introduced to derma medicine. It is the world’s first “cold” laser that has several benefits. RecoSMA maintains the patient’s body temperature on the inside and outside as well. This makes sure that there are no complications caused due to burns. And therefore, no side effects.

RecoSMA is one of the latest technology in which the laser rays are extremely thin, thinner than the human hair. This ensures that the treatment is being done with maximum accuracy and precision. Treating any skin diseases or enhancing the nature of skin with RecoSMA will leave no scars. The procedure is painless even and does not mess with the natural skin pigmentation. After the treatment, the skin will look as new and leave no mark of the procedure. The skin will then look younger than before.

Some skin diseases can be pretty difficult to treat. There are ointments and oral medicines that can help control the spreading or cause, but there are only limited options in the long run. Normal laser therapy can cause infections or other kinds of side effects to the skin at deeper levels. Therefore, to eradicate the risk of infection and the possibility of the side effects, RecoSMA laser therapy has been incorporated.


Characteristics of RecoSMA:

There are certain characteristics of the RecosMA laser that makes it unique. Some of the most common and important features are given as follows:

  • It boosts the metabolism of the skin as well as the microcirculation as a reaction to microtrauma.
  • The process of regeneration is accelerated as there is proper nutrition reaching to skin cells.
  • Activation of the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibres takes place tightening the skin.
  • It is a quick and painless medical procedure that can be done without anaesthesia.
  • RecosMA laser causes no damage to the epidermis, a layer of skin and does not alter any active functioning of the skin.
  • This treatment has a lifting effect which makes the skin look younger
  • There are no restrictions to sun exposure, you can as much sun as you need
  • Recovery is quick and you can get back to normal life within 3 to 4 days maximum
  • The therapy is applicable for all body parts, including fragile, delicate, and sensitive skin around the eyes and eyelids
  • It maintains the skin temperature to the body temperature
  • It is applicable for scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, wounds, anti-ageing and other skin-related issues

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How does it work?

This is a simple procedure, for which no special preparation is required. The RecoSMA laser acts gently with its fine lasers on the microzones that are even smaller than a human cell and therefore invisible to the naked eye. The skin goes through a normal procedure that is easily taken by the sensitive cells allowing the least trauma to the skin. It also holds back the protective function of the skin so as to limit the possible complications.

In response to the RecoSMA laser, the body addresses itself at the cellular level with much precision, and the memory preserved in DNA. This will force the skin for a change that has been marked by years of life and unfavourable treatments, to rejuvenate itself. The skin then restores to its healthy state in which it should be, minimising the wrinkles and scars and now the rejuvenation procedure is complete.

After the procedure, the skin begins to peel intensely exposing the dead skin and revealing young and pinkish skin from the inner layers, and this continues for one to 2 weeks. The effect of skin rejuvenation can then be seen at work in the first couple of weeks or more. Normally, just one session is enough to see a visible change. If there is more damaged skin, which is never or rarely benefited from skincare, multiple sessions needed.

Skin Rejuvenation at Arra Aesthetics:

Arra Aesthetics is a known cosmetic surgery clinic in Pune. We at Arra have the latest technology for RecoSMA laser therapy and we are the only one to offer the service in Pune effectively. Our specialist, Dr Vasant Gholave is an expert in the area of cosmetic procedures and is also one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Pune. He has helped several candidates to achieve younger skin effectively with the latest RecoSMA laser therapy. Visit us today and wait not for getting younger skin.