RecoSMA Laser Therapy

RecoSMA ™ technology- true rejuvenation of skin!

RecoSMA ™ is a new revolutionary laser technology was developed and patented by The Linline Company, and it is implemented throughout the Multiline series of devices. It is latest laser in rejuvenation methods. Being highly Efficient and perfectly safe, it helps to remodel the skin and to fight against wrinkles and imperfections. The skin is renewed at cellular level and becomes visibly younger and toned. RecoSMA ™can be used on any part of the body. Even in areas where the skin is most sensitive and mobile, for example the eye contour, eyelids, neck and décolleté. No anaesthesia is necessary or any special care before or after treatment which means this method is perfect for all over the body. Due to its unique ability to restore damaged biotissues RecoSMA ™ – The Generation Next technology is effective not only in cosmetology but also in areas not amenable to lasers till now like chronic Wounds and Keloid. Get to know this new revolutionary method of true rejuvenation of skin!


The RecoSMA ™ method is designed to minimise the hallmarks of the traditional technologies like Skin overheating, intense pain, long recovery, instability of results, risk of side effects (congestion, Burn,prolonged swelling, scarring, etc.) . With over more than fifty thousand treatments performed worldwide in different centres and clinics, there had not a single case of serious unwanted side effects reported. It does not cause deep tissue burns. There is no risk of altering the natural pigmentation of the skin. On the contrary, the method provides an effective tool against age-related hyperpigmentation. This conclusively establishes the supremecy of the RecoSMA technology over others.After treatment, you can resume with your usual lifestyle very quickly.

Anaesthesia-Free Treatments

The RecoSMA ™ is the latest anti-aging laser technology in Cosmetic Dermatology . All the other techniques quite widespreadly used – fractional lasers, radiofrequency, radiolifting, ultrasonic lifting, and others – are  painful even after applying a layer of anesthetic cream to the face or taking pain killers. RecoSMA ™ is the first and only “NON THERMAL” method: It is the only one with this type of effect that does not require local anesthesia or cooling system. We should also note very little discomfort as one of the advantages of this method. It does not require anesthetics even when treating very sensitive parts of the body such as an upper eyelid or Lips. Uniqueness : RecoSMA ™ is a real breakthrough innovation. RecoSMA ™ is available only with MultilineTM devices, whose operating modes are patented.No other Company in the world have this latest revolutionary technology. Research : The research was conducted in France, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. The latest clinical research on this new method of skin rejuvenation was carried out by Dr. Mario A. Trelles, President of the European Society of Laser Esthetic Surgery (ESLAS) & the European Laser Association (ELA). A Doctor of Medicine and a surgeon in reconstructive plastic surgery, he is the author of more than 400 articles published in international scientific journals and an international editor of the Dermatological Surgery Journal (USA). Dr Trelles is one of the world’s leading specialists in laser medicine. The Research on Stretch Marks was carried out byDr. Jean Paul Meningaud, MD, PhD, Head of Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Maxillo facial Surgery, Hopital Henri Mondor, France


Traditional Lasers commonly use heat energy to affect epidermal and dermal layers of the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone, texture and tightness.

ln traditional laser and non-laser methods, it can be assumed that the more energy used for better results, the more damage it caused resulting in the more intense the pain and the possible risks of undesirable side effects for the patient (scarring, changes in the natural pigmentation of the skin). At the very least, we need procedures that can achieve a satisfactory result for the patient.

The emergence of fractional techniques were based on desire to satisfy patient’s wishes to reduce these adverse factors well suited to this task. At the same time, this procedures required a substantial increase in the number of necessary sessions.

Until now, none of the technologies in use (laser and non-laser) are able to combine with precision ,a high level of effectiveness on one hand and a painless short recovery period with no or minimal side effects on the other.

Is it possible to achieve smooth, rejuvenated skin using a mechanism different from the “shocktherapy” of traditional laser and non-laser methods?

Mechanism of Action :
In this method Erbium laser radiation is used with wavelength of 2936nm (well absorbed by water) which is spatially-modulated so that the regularised structure of the maximums and minimums of light dosage forms on the processed surface. Setting of optimum values of light dosage  and of the optimum laser pulse length permits getting local areas ofmicroablation with ablation depth no greater than the thickness of epidermis.

The density of microzones of damage is up to 10,000 per cm2. The effect of this microablation is a generation of acoustic waves (microexplosions). The power of each of these waves is not enough For the complete breakdown of skin cells in the dermis, However their local power increases upon interference of these waves and it is sufficient for the mechanical destruction of cell membranes, nucleus and cytoplasm. These destructions occur to a depth of 6mm. The result of such an influence is the creation of microareas with mechanically damaged cells in the tissue. The result of such a breakdown is the growth of new cells without ageing changes specific to the damaged cells. This methoddoes not stimulate the growth of fibrous tissue . The depth of microablation does not exceed the size of the epidermis and this reduces considerably both of the risk of infection and the rehabilitation period.

The technique is not thermal on principle ; therefore patients do not have a burning sensation directly under its influence. The burning sensation appears after the influence is due  the increased blood flow and a higher temperature in the area of influence for the optimisation of regenerative processes. As a result the patient has a subjective sensation of burning.

Data of histological research confirms an impact depth up to 6 mm. Immediately following the procedure there are indeed destroyed nucleus, cell membranes and collagen fibres as a result of microexplosions. As a result of this influence there is no major zone of the destroyed cells which needs to be isolated by creation of fibrosis. Due to its unique nature of mechanism the destroyed cells are replaced with young Functional cells.

In a week normal functional cells are visible in the zone of influence. Histological data confirms that this method is not thermal. It minimises the risk of adverse reactions and complications likehyperpigmentation.

RecoSMA ™ is a non-invasive laser technique which simultaneously lifts the skin andunderlying musculoaponeurotic layer which ensures theretention of soft tissues from sagging. The proedure completely restores all skin structures damaged by extrinsic ageing mechanisms. The stimulation of the production of collagen and elastin is under the influence of the laser beam in the connective tissue of the muscleaponeurotic layer, It leads to enhanced elasticity of the connective tissue, dermis and the general augmentation of skin. The recovery period is generally 3-4 days. There are no restrictions on sun exposure This method is also very well established for treating the skin scarring as well as atrophic, noromtorphic , hypertrophic or even keloid scars.

WHAT MAKES RecoSMA ™ Different from other Laser Technologies?

  1. It is not a Fractional laser technique, since the treatment affects the entire skin area.
  2. It is not a thermal technique : the skin’s temperature always remains stable at 36.60
  3. It is not an ablative technique : it does not damage the epidermis and the skin’s barrier function is not compromised.
  4. The treatment is well tolerated and does not require anesthesia.
  5. This technique is indicated for any part of the body, including areas of thin and mobile skin such as the eye or lip contours.
  6. There are no restrictions in terms of sun exposure : after several days, the patient can safely expose skin to the sun or use tanning booths.
  7. The recovery time is short from 3-4 days.


After an initial consultation, the doctor will ensure the method according to your personal case. The RecoSMA® session begins after ruling out any contraindications to the procedure In general, no preparation is necessary. The laser is designed to act on micro zones, smaller than a human cell and therefore invisible to the naked eye. The skin, not deeply traumatised, retains its protective function, thus limiting complications. In response to the action of the laser, the regenertion starts at the cellular level, to force the skin, marked by years of life and unfavorable treatments, to renew itself. The skin regains the state in which it should be, lessening the wrinkles and also scars: the remodeling is complete. Over the following days, the skin begins to peel intensely in the form of scabs, revealing new, young, slightly pink skin, for one to 2 weeks. The rejuvenating effect can be observed  in the first few weeks. In general, one session is sufficient for a first visible effect. Depending upon the level of damaged skin, having never or rarely benefited from aesthetic care, one or more sessions are necessaryfor best Results. Arra Aesthetics  in pune offers RecoSMA treatment to help patients eliminate signs of aging or damaged skin.