A relatively new form of medical treatment, laser therapy makes use of focused light. The full form of LASER is light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. In this type of treatment, the light is effectively tuned, using specific wavelengths to create controlling beams.

As a form of medical treatment, the laser is used for precision, wherein specific areas of the body are subjected to the beam in order to prevent the surrounding area from damage. As compared to traditional forms of surgery, laser treatment results in less pain and faster recovery. But it can be expensive and multiple sessions may be necessary.

Laser therapy is used to treat a number of medical problems like-

  • Laser hand rejuvenation
  • Freckle removal
  • Removal of spider veins
  • Wine stain removal
  • Laser peeling
  • Removal of tumors
  • Laser Blepharolifting
  • QOOL rejuvenation
  • Carbon peeling
  • Laser treatment of rhinophyma
  • Laser tightening the skin of the abdomen
  • Laser tightening of the skin at the hips and knees
  • Laser breast rejuvenation