3 ways to prepare for Liposuction!

A liposuction procedure is preferred by both men and women globally. The surgery is pretty common and comparatively less invasive and easier. It has gained its fame in the past ten years of time quite rapidly. The success rates have been high and been pleasing numerous distressed males and females. The liposuction cost in Pune is quite affordable comparatively.

Lipectomy is a sort of procedure that is mostly performed for aesthetic reasons. Cosmetic surgery is something that is carried out for enhancement of outer beauty, that is, for the betterment of one’s appearance and looks. The procedure of liposuction involves sucking or suctioning of the fat in the form of adipose tissue with the help of medical instruments that is undigested by the body making a person look obese and out of shape. Before going through with the procedure, you need to prepare and know the things that you need to take care of before going through with the surgery.

Are you the right candidate?

You must first know why do you need the surgery. Before letting the patients undergo the liposuction procedure, the candidate must first be examined by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. The best candidate is someone who is in good enough health, is within 10kg to 15kg of his or her ideal body weight, and have deposits of fat that have not responded to diet or exercise. Considering the general characteristics, good candidates for liposuction include adults within 30% of their ideal weight and have firm, elastic skin and good muscle tone to restore their healthy self. Healthy individuals who do not have a life-threatening illness or medical conditions that can impair healing and nonsmokers are preferred candidates for the surgery.

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Adjust your current habits

You must take care of whatever medications and drugs you are taking. Avoid taking aspirin and other drugs like vitamins, blood thinners or any other supplements that you have been taking so far. These can affect the procedure as they can result in high blood pressure, excessing bleeding and certain other complications that can affect your recovery.

You also must avoid smoking prior to the surgery. Smoking will cause respiratory issues and will delay the recovery as well. You must also watch your diet and not suddenly lose or gain weight. This will not give good results for the liposuction procedure.

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Take precautions pre-surgery

At the time of preparing yourself for liposuction surgery, the day or two before the final procedure are quite crucial. You need to ensure to avoid the habits mentioned above and certain actions right before surgery such as – shaving, tight clothing, or driving yourself to the surgery. Do not shave the area around the surgical site at least 24 hours prior to the liposuction procedure. It can lead to ingrown hairs after surgery which in turn will increase the chances of potential infection. Tight clothing will only make you uncomfortable.
Wear something loose and in which you can move around freely. Be as comfortable as you can be for your trip home after the surgery. Driving yourself to surgery is not really a good idea. You will need someone to drive you to the surgery and back afterwards. So plan your trip with a family member or a trusted friend. You won’t be in a condition to drive yourself home after the surgery anyway.

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Liposuction at Arra Aesthetics

The surgery could be expensive for some but is quite affordable compared to other complex surgeries. The liposuction cost is determined by the type of procedure you require, which means, what part of the body fat you need to be suctioned. Arra Aesthetics renders services for affordable liposuction cost in Pune and has one of the best cosmetic surgeons at your service, Dr Vasant Gholave. He has high success rates and has attained expertise in the area over the years.