A brow lift, or forehead lift, is a facial plastic surgery procedure designed to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the forehead, eyes, and the upper third of the face. The position of the brows can impart undesirable and unintentional expressions, including anger, sadness, or fatigue. Similar to upper eyelid surgery, skillfully rejuvenating and framing the eyes through stabilization of the brow position is a matter of millimeters and meticulous technique is an absolute. The goal is to match your facial expressions with your emotions, leaving you with a natural position and shape to the brow.

Brow lifts can be performed under sedation or a general anesthetic. There are several techniques and approaches used in brow lifting. Our facial plastic surgeons believes that stabilizing the brow is more important than the actual “lifting” of the brow, and using small hidden incisions, the brow muscles are treated to achieve the individualized effect for each patient. After the procedure, you will have a headwrap in place to minimize swelling and may return home on the same day as surgery.

The morning after the surgery, Doctors will see you in-clinic and check all incisions, remove the head wrap, and go over all wound care measures. Depending on the approach taken, you may experience headaches, tightness to the forehead, and numbness of the scalp. Swelling is expected; you should continue use of cool compresses and keep the head elevated. If sutures are used externally, they are removed on day seven following the surgery. Restrictions in using hair dryers, curling irons, and hair dye are in place during the postoperative period as well. Patients usually have minimal downtime of one to two weeks before returning to work, and we ask those patients traveling from out of town to stay for routine checks during this time period.