At Arra Aesthetics we understand the need for a women and men to talk to someone who would listen to them as an individual who suffers. We have a team of expert consultants who are exclusively trained in all the matters related to Cosmetology – this includes the whole gamete of the process, the procedure, do and don’t pre and post procedure and general care. To ensure that our team is in sync with the concepts and the logic’s of the whole cosmetology, we hire graduates from the science stream only as their grounding in biology helps them understand the nuances of cosmetology.

Above all, we take pride in our team experts who are not only expert consultants but are individuals with over 5 years of experience in the industry which makes them well versed with the confusion and apprehensions of a person going in for a treatment. We call this team Arra Experts consultants.

At Arra Aesthetics PATIENT is the priority, each and every patient is treated with utmost care, listened em-pathetically, explained all the procedures, risks , and prognosis to achieve the maximum satisfaction of the patient with best professional results.

Last but not the least the people whose skill set Arra Aesthetics uses to materialize its vision of a good cosmetic country –Arra Aesthetic’s panel of doctors. Veterans with several years of experience, Arra Aesthetics panel of doctors hold the highest degree in Cosmetic surgery.